Rug Cleaning Perth


Rug quality and construction varies, rugs are made of a variety of materials. The two most common reasons for the use of area rugs is decoration and soundproofing. Rugs often come in different colours and designs to suit a particular home décor style. An area rug can also be used as a soundproofing material, essentially the fibres of a rug absorb the excess amount of sound projected. A regular clean prolongs the life of a rug, this is where Carpet Cleaning Steam or Dry comes in.

Carpet Cleaning Steam or Dry offers onsite rug cleaning service. Rugs that can be cleaned onsite can either be steam cleaned or cleaned using the encapsulation method, method known as low moisture cleaning. Both cleaning methods are also acceptable for carpet cleaning in Perth. Special care needs to be applied when it comes to antique or delicate rugs in order to avoid permanent damage. You may also want to consider our other professional cleaning services such as upholstery cleaning as well as tile and grout cleaning.


  • Stain removal
  • Onsite service
  • Oriental rug cleaning
  • Persian rug cleaning
  • Wool rug cleaning
  • Cotton rug cleaning
  • Silk rug cleaning
  • Acrylic rug cleaning
  • Polypropylene rug cleaning

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