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Are you looking for a premium quality end of lease commercial carpet cleaning service in Perth or regular commercial carpet cleaning maintenance in your office? If so, Carpet Cleaning Steam Or Dry is the solution to your business. From a very basic dry carpet cleaning service to a complex water damage restoration solution, we have the answer for you. Our other services for commercial properties include upholstery cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, rug cleaning as well as water damage restoration in case of a flood to your property. We specialize in wool carpet cleaning. In depth information on our commercial carpet cleaning services anywhere in Perth can be found on this page.

Keeping your office space clean and tidy can be a challenging task no matter how big or small your organization may be. Rest assured that we are a well prepared business in every aspect and here to help you when it comes to professional commercial carpet care. Our team understands the importance of a clean and well-maintained office space and that first impression counts when it comes to clients as well as your own office staff. Keeping your commercial carpets clean is one point closer in reaching or maintaining your overall business satisfaction.


We proudly provide premium commercial carpet cleaning Perth services at competitive rates. You may be asking yourself right now, what is a “premium” service and how are we able to provide the best carpet cleaning service possible? Simply put, this is achieved by possessing vast experience when it comes to professional carpet cleaning. As a proprietor, I ensure that IICRC certified status is maintained at all times. In addition to the business IICRC certification, I personally hold numerous IICRC certificates relevant to the carpet cleaning industry. All carpet cleaning work commissioned to us will be carried out or overlooked by myself, the proprietor.

Our services are offered 7 days a week. We are happy to arrange and carry out our work on your carpets after standard business hours so to avoid interference with your day to day business operation. For further information or if you would like to arrange an obligation free quote, please contact Zoran directly on 0410 851 589 or send us an e-mail, I look forward working together with you.

Carpet Cleaning Perth Carpet Cleaning Steam Or Dry

Hi there, my name is Zoran Vukas, I am the proprietor as well as a hands-on operator at Carpet Cleaning Steam Or Dry.

STANDARD SERVICE - Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning Perth


With thorough experience and up to date qualifications in the area of commercial carpet cleaning, rest assured that we are committed to achieving outstanding carpet cleaning results at competitive rates.


All necessary steps have been taken to ensure that every commercial carpet we clean it gets the best treatment, at lowest possible price! This is achieved by knowledge obtained through education when it comes to commercial carpet cleaning Perth as well as experience gained over the years.


  • Most popular commercial carpet care method that is applied by many commercial carpet cleaners in Perth.
  • Ideal Perth carpet cleaning service for the budget conscious individuals with mild to moderately soiled commercial carpet fibre.
  • Quick drying, low moisture treatment! Carpets in your office will be touch dry within an hour.
  • A very effective commercial carpet care method that eliminates most spots and stains apparent on the surface.
  • Cleaning agents applied contain anti-resoiling cleaning technology with fluoropolymer fibre protection.


  • Our commercial ‘Deluxe Service’ procedure has many benefits that delivers outstanding results when applied properly!
  • Ideal commercial carpet care method for extraction of general dirt trapped deep within carpet fibre.
  • Recommended once a year treatment for most commercial grade carpets.
  • A versatile carpet cleaning service for Perth offices that can be safely applied on wool and synthetic carpet fibre.
  • We apply quality cleaning agents. Whenever possible we extract carpets with truck-mounted machinery.


  • Comprehensive carpet cleaning procedure applied in case of very soiled carpets.
  • Ideal carpet cleaning method where carpets have many and varying levels of soiling.
  • Professional procedure designed to revive neglected carpets.
  • Safe on wool and synthetic carpet fibre.
  • Advanced stain removal may be necessary.


Commercial Carpet Cleaning Maintenance

Regular commercial carpet cleaning maintenance program is strongly advisable in order to prolong the life of carpets in your office. Not only will your office carpet last longer, clean carpets will indeed boost the overall clean and tidy presentation of the work environment around you and your colleagues. One of the more important points to consider is that regular carpet cleaning maintenance promotes better health.

For further professional advice on all matters regarding regular commercial carpet cleaning, get in touch with Zoran on 0410 851 589.

End Of Lease Commercial Carpet Cleaning

End of lease commercial carpet cleaning is one of the more common services that we provide throughout Perth. The sole purpose of getting your carpets cleaned upon vacating your leased premise is to leave the carpets in a clean condition and to receive your security bond deposit back. Our team will be more than happy to clean your carpets on weekends and after standard business hours.

For an efficient and cost effective end of lease commercial carpet cleaning service, get in touch with us today. Call Zoran on 0410 851 589 at any time.

Water Damage Restoration To Carpets In Your Office

Water damage restoration and water extraction may be necessary in case of water intrusion to your commercial property. Head technician and owner is an IICRC certified water restoration technician that has a thorough understanding of what it takes to restore your premise in the unfortunate event of flooding of carpets in your office. We specialize in assessment and advice, water extraction, carpet drying and more.

In case of water intrusion to your office space, please get in touch with Zoran on 0410 851 589 as soon as possible.

Commercial Carpet Stain Removal

Unsightly stains and marks on carpets in your office are best treated and eliminated with specialized purpose made carpet cleaning spotting solutions. Over a number of years of experience in the commercial carpet cleaning industry we have developed the necessary skills and methods to properly clean and extract various stains from carpets.  Water marks, tea and coffee stains, general soil extraction, we are able to clean it all.

In case of an accidental spill on carpets in your office or if you simply wish to have a particular carpet stain or stains removed, get in touch with us today. Call Zoran on 0410 851 589.

Experienced Perth Commercial Carpet Cleaners

Carpets in commercial and industrial settings vary in quality, construction, colour as well as carpet fibre type. You can rest assured that your carpets will be cleaned to Australian standards by an IICRC certified commercial carpet cleaning business. Below is a list of different commercial carpet types that we often clean. Should you have any questions regarding commercial carpet cleaning in Perth, please call Zoran on 0410 851 589.

  • Synthetic – Polypropylene
  • Synthetic – Nylon
  • 100% Wool Carpet, Wool Blends
  • Goats Hair Carpet
  • Flotex and more….

Types Of Facilities We Often Service

  • Commercial And Industrial Facilities
  • Religious Centres
  • Medical Facilities
  • Aged Care Homes
  • Hotels And Motels
  • Serviced Apartments
  • Schools
  • Child Care Centres
  • Recreational Facilities
  • Nightclubs and more…..
Commercial Carpet Cleaners
Office Carpet Cleaning


How much does professional commercial carpet cleaning cost?

The cost of having your carpets cleaned will depend on the floor size as well as overall carpet condition. We offer obligation free advice and commercial carpet cleaning quotes anywhere within Perth metro area, including Fremantle. Rest assured that our workmanship is of premium standard and we are competitively priced against other certified and trained Perth carpet cleaning organizations.

Are you able and willing to clean carpets on weekends?

Yes we are willing to clean your office carpets on weekends. In fact, our commercial carpet cleaning services are offered 24/7.

How often should I have my office carpets cleaned?

Our advice as far as ‘recommended carpet cleaning frequency’ is concerned varies. It really comes down to carpet fibre type and the degree of foot traffic that your carpet is exposed to. Generally speaking, commercial carpets should be cleaned at least once a year.

What is the best carpet cleaning method for commercial carpets?

A low moisture carpet cleaning procedure better known as ‘Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning’ is widely considered to be the most appropriate carpet cleaning method for commercial grade carpets. We offer three different carpet cleaning methods for different levels of carpet soiling. More information on this topic can be found on this page.

Are you able to remove tough stains from commercial carpets?

From our experience most stains on commercial carpets can be removed or at least reduced. Keep in mind that the older the stains are the hard it will be to rectify the issue. In case of an accidental spill it is strongly advisable that you get in touch with a professionally trained carpet cleaner as soon as possible

Are bookings essential?

Bookings are essential. Keep in mind that same day service is possible. In case of an emergency please call 0410 851 589 immediately, we will endeavour to help you in the best way possible.




  • At your request we are  happy to arrange a suitable time to inspect your carpets.
  • Any concerns and expectations that you may have with regards carpets in your office or industrial facility are noted and addressed on the day of the complimentary inspection.


  • A number of factors is taken in consideration so that we can provide you with a fair and accurate quote; carpet fibre type & construction, level of soiling on the carpet, size of the area that needs cleaning and a few other points depending on the facility in question.
  • Portion of the carpet that needs cleaning is measured with a laser measuring tool.
  • A written quotation with thorough advice will be provided on the day of inspection.


Our services are offered 7 days a week, we are more than happy to carry out our work after standard business hours so to avoid interference with your day to day business operation.

Please Note: In case of an emergency, same day service is possible!

Get in touch with Zoran on 0410 851 589.

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