Commercial carpet cleaning Perth.
Commercial carpet cleaning Perth in action. Our office carpet cleaning services throughout Perth are considered to be one of the best. If you have dirty office carpets in your office anywhere in Perth, we provide both, steam and dry carpet cleaning. We are only a phone call away. Call at any time and organize your commercial carpet cleaning today.

Are you looking for a premium quality commercial carpet cleaning Perth operator? If so, we have the right solution for your business. You may be asking yourself right now, what is a “premium” service and how are we able to provide the best office carpet cleaning service possible? Simply put, this is achieved by possessing vast experience when it comes to professional carpet cleaning.

In-depth information on commercial carpet cleaning in Perth can be found on this page. If you have any further questions regard the cleaning of your office carpets, please get in touch with us at any time.

Steam Or Dry is an IICRC certified commercial carpet cleaning Perth operator. Aside from  IICRC business certification status, Zoran the proprietor of the business holds numerous IICRC certificates relevant to the Perth commercial carpet cleaning industry. All office carpet cleaning Perth work commissioned to us will be carried out or overlooked by us. With thorough experience and up to date qualifications in the area of commercial carpet cleaning, rest assured that we are committed to achieving outstanding Perth office carpet cleaning results at competitive rates.

Office carpet cleaning in Perth. We are able to remove all office carpet stains. Your commercial carpets are cleaned to the highest standard possible.


  • Regular Commercial Carpet Cleaning & Maintenance. Over many years of experience in the commercial cleaning industry we have developed the right methods in properly maintaining and cleaning office carpets, thus we had the need to stand out and establish a dedicated commercial carpet cleaning Perth business. Establishing long lasting relationships with many small and large organizations throughout Perth is what we strive for and enjoy.
  • End Of Lease Commercial Carpet Cleaning. Our team will be more than happy to clean your carpets on weekends and after standard business hours. For an efficient and cost effective end of lease commercial carpet cleaning service, get in touch with us today.
  • Commercial Carpet Flood Restoration. Specialists in damage assessment and advice, water extraction, carpet drying and more. Water damage restoration and water extraction may be necessary in case of water intrusion to your commercial property. IICRC certified water restoration technicians with thorough understanding of what it takes to restore your premise in the unfortunate event of flooding in your office.
  • Commercial carpet stain removal. Unsightly stains and marks in commercial establishments are best treated and eliminated with specialized purpose made carpet cleaning spotting solutions. Water marks, tea and coffee stains, general soil extraction, we are able to clean most carpet stains. We have long-standing relationships as the preferred Perth commercial carpet cleaners with numerous hotels, retirement homes and self services apartments throughout Perth.
  • Perth commercial wool carpet cleaning. We have a thorough understanding in properly cleaning and maintaining commercial grade wool carpets. Find out more about wool carpet cleaning.


Necessary steps have been taken to ensure that all office carpet cleaning work carried out by us is done the right way, at lowest possible price! This is achieved by knowledge obtained through education when it comes to commercial carpet cleaning Perth as well as experience gained over the years.


  • Low moisture / dry carpet cleaning is the most popular cleaning method applied by many commercial carpet cleaners in Perth.
  • Ideal for the budget conscious individuals with mild to moderately soiled carpet fibre.
  • Carpets in your office will be touch dry within an hour.
  • Commercial carpet cleaning process in Perth that eliminates most spots and stains apparent on the surface.
  • Cleaning agents applied contain anti-resoiling cleaning technology with fluoropolymer fibre protection.


  • Carpet steam cleaning procedure has many benefits when applied properly!
  • Ideal for extraction of general dirt trapped deep within carpet fibre.
  • Recommended once a year treatment for most commercial grade carpets.
  • Commercial carpet cleaning process that is safe on wool (if applied correctly) and synthetic carpet fibre.
  • Whenever possible, office carpet cleaning process is applied with truck-mounted machinery and of course, quality cleaning agents.


  • Comprehensive carpet cleaning procedure applied in case of very soiled carpets.
  • Ideal for carpets with many and varying levels of soiling.
  • Professional Perth commercial carpet cleaning procedure designed to revive neglected carpets.
  • Safe on all types of carpet fibre.
  • Advanced stain removal may be necessary. More information will be given at the time of inspection.


Complimentary Commercial Carpet Cleaning Perth Inspection. At your request we are  happy to arrange a suitable time to inspect your office carpets. Any concerns and expectations that you may have regarding office carpet cleaning are noted and addressed on the day of the complimentary inspection.

Written commercial carpet cleaning quotation. A number of factors are taken in consideration before commercial carpet cleaning in Perth. Our priority is to provide you with a fair and accurate commercial carpet cleaning quote. We take numerous factors into consideration. Eg. carpet fibre type & construction, level of soiling on the carpet, size of the area that needs cleaning and a few other points depending on the facility in question. Portion of the carpet that needs cleaning is measured with a laser measuring tool. A written quotation with thorough advice will be provided on the day of inspection. Let us be your regular commercial carpet cleaner in Perth.

Cleaning Stage. Our services are offered 7 days a week, we are more than happy to carry out our work after standard business hours so to avoid interference with your day to day business operation.

Please Note: In case of an emergency, same day service is possible!


Schedule your commercial carpet cleaning today, get in touch with Zoran.