Carpet Hot Water Extraction In Perth

Are you in search of a carpet steam cleaning Perth expert, look no further than Carpet Cleaning Steam or Dry! Our aim is to deliver the best possible carpet steam cleaning service every time, whether you are renting a property or you own a home we are here to help you. Most carpet cleaners in Perth regard carpet steam cleaning as the best carpet cleaning method, I tend to agree with majority of carpet cleaners on that note. Whether carpet steam cleaning is the best carpet cleaning method, I believe it comes down to how and what machinery is used to carry out a job, what chemical cleaning solutions are used and how exactly carpet steam cleaning technique is applied! Those are the core factors that essentially dictate whether you are going to get the best possible carpet cleaning service!

Carpet steam cleaning, technically known as hot water extraction can be carried out either with a van-mounted carpet cleaning machine or a portable carpet cleaning machine. Dedicated, certified and formally trained carpet cleaning technicians tend to invest their money in a van-mounded carpet cleaning machine with a view in mind to offer a long lasting, best carpet cleaning service possible. Pictured on this page is our Prochem van-mounted carpet cleaning machine, a leading brand in professional carpet steam cleaning.

Hot water extraction carpet cleaning machine can be either a portable unit that is easily taken out of a van to a desired spot when carrying out carpet cleaning or a van-mounted carpet cleaning machine. A professional portable carpet cleaning machine plugs into an electrical outlet as opposed to a van-mounted machine. A van-mounted carpet cleaning machinery operates in a relatively simple manner. First stage requires the use of a machine to pre-spray a carpeted area under pressure with a mixture of water and desired pre-spray solution. Step two involves simultaneous hot water pressure cleaning mixed in with a desired carpet cleaning solution and water extraction. Although it may seem as a straight forward procedure, if not applied correctly your carpets may be left soaking wet with soapy residue that could perhaps even result in permanent damage.

A van-mounted machine is a stationary, petrol powered machine permanently fixed in the back of a van. With van-mounted carpet cleaning machine a carpet cleaning technician can regulate water pressure as well as temperature. In most cases automatic water temperature regulation is not possible with portable carpet cleaning machines, this most certainly puts a limit on how well a severely stained and dirty carpet can be cleaned under required water pressure.

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