A carpet is a beautiful thing; it often becomes the center of attraction in a room. This is because, carpets take up a lot of visible space; this naturally draws attention to them. Carpets only look presentable when they are new or if they are properly maintained. After being used for a number of years, carpets usually need to be replaced. You will not need to replace your carpet regularly if you maintain it properly. Below are some tips you can use to extend the life span of your carpet.

Invest in a good vacuum cleaner.

The quality of a vacuum cleaner plays a big role in maintaining your carpet. Low quality vacuum cleaners are not able to clean the carpet properly. Small debris may remain deep inside your carpet and may cause your carpet to premature wear and tear. To avoid this, it is advisable that you invest in a high quality vacuum cleaner. A high quality vacuum cleaner has powerful suction that enables it to reach deep into the carpet. By using a high quality vacuum cleaner, you will be able to get rid of small debris inside your carpet efficiently.

Vacuum your carpet regularly.

We all understand how a vacuum cleaner operates. For you to be able to use the vacuum cleaner more efficiently: dust your house before vacuuming , ensure the vacuum bag is empty, go over an area multiple times and ensure the vacuum is set to the proper ratio from the flow. Vacuuming regularly ensures that your carpet stays free of debris, mould, dust mites and other harmful things.

Have a no shoes policy on the carpet.

This is a common rule in many households. No matter how clean your shoes look, they carry a number of things that are detrimental to your carpet. Dust particles and oils are some of the things that may attach themselves on your shoes. Once you walk across the carpet with those shoes, dust particles and oil are deposited there. In the long-term, this causes your carpet to lose its appeal.

Clean stains and spills immediately.

In the event you stain or spill something on your carpet, make sure you clean the stain or spill immediately. The longer the stain sits: the greater the damage will be on your carpet. The longer a stain sits, the deeper the liquid moves into the carpet’s fabric. This may cause your carpet to be stained permanently. You should put a towel on a spill in order to blot the stain it leaves. A stain should never be rubbed; rubbing spreads the stain over a wider area.

Hire professionals for cleaning services.

It is advisable that you employ the services of carpet cleaning Perth professionals once a year or on a need to basis. The vacuum cleaners used by carpet cleaning professionals are very effective, they are able to reach deeper into the carpet fibre than most regular household vacuum cleaners would. Most carpet cleaning professionals are able to carry out carpet steam cleaning, ideal cleaning method for almost all types of carpets.

Use throw rugs or rearrange your furniture.

Using mats and rugs at entrances and high traffic areas of your house can help improve the life span of your carpet. Places like hallways and kitchens are used more often than other areas of your house. The mats placed over these areas greatly reduce the amount of dust that reaches your carpet. Throw rugs are easily cleaned and replaced; they are also less costly compared to a carpet covering a whole room.

Rearranging your furniture is a brilliant way of stopping uneven wear and tear on your carpet. It also gives your house a fresh new look and helps establish new traffic patterns.

Minimize direct sunlight.

Ultra violet radiation from the sun makes carpets fade away quickly. Direct exposure to sunlight literally bakes the fibers of your carpet. Radiation causes the texture of the carpet to be brittle and in the long-run, decomposes it. Use blinds or curtains to block areas where the sunlight is strongest.

Moving your furniture regularly will also help reduce the effects of sunlight on your carpet. By moving furniture, you prevent sun rays from being concentrated on one point of your carpet.

By following these simple steps, you add more life, charm and beauty to your house. A well maintained carpet offers you this and much more.