Carpet Cleaning Joondalup, Sorrento, Watermans Bay And Nearby Areas

If you require a premium standard service by an IICRC accredited business,

call Zoran from carpet Cleaning Steam Or Dry on 0410 851 589 today.

For an outstanding carpet cleaning Joondalup service consider the best Perth has on offer, contact Zoran from Carpet Cleaning Steam Or Dry for a complementary quote or a cost estimate over the phone.  Whether you require professional carpet cleaning for your own home or if you are vacating a rental premise, Carpet Cleaning Steam Or Dry is here to help. We are a professional carpet cleaning Perth organization  that is certified by IICRC. IICRC is a leading professional accreditation recognized worldwide. Wool carpet cleaning is our specialty.

How you can benefit from having your carpets professionally cleaned;

  1. Improve overall air quality throughout your home
  2. Prolong the life of your carpet
  3. Improve overall appearance of your home for your family.
  4. Increase or retain value of your home in case you are considering to sell your home.

What sets Carpet Cleaning Steam Or Dry apart from other carpet cleaning technicians in Joondalup.

  1. We are an IICRC accredited business.
  2. Head technician and proprietor of Carpet Cleaning Steam Or Dry is a ‘Woolsafe’ trained operator who specializes in wool carpet cleaning.
  3. Any work carried out by Carpet Cleaning Steam Or Dry will be overlooked and managed by its proprietor.
  4. We are a friendly organization that delivers its residential carpet cleaning services in Joondalup with a smile. In fact, our carpet cleaning services are offered to the entire Perth metropolitan area.
  5. Steam Or Dry maintains its public liability insurance at all times.
  6. If we cannot help you, rest assured that we will at least try to send you in the right direction.

Our General Residential Carpet Cleaning Services

  1. Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning, a cleaning method most commonly applied on already relatively clean carpets in rental properties.
  2. Carpet Steam Cleaning, a cleaning procedure that is ideal for majority of carpets including wool. A carpet cleaning procedure that is recommended at least once for homeowners and it’s carpets.
  3. Scrub And Steam Carpet Cleaning, a cleaning method that is required should carpets be in a poor state.
  4. Host Dry Carpet Cleaning, a specialized carpet cleaning method for water sensitive carpet fibres.

At Steam Or Dry We Offer More Than Just Carpet Cleaning

  1.  Water Damage Restoration, a service in case of flood in your home or your rental property.
  2. Advanced Stain Removal.
  3. Sub Surface Extraction, a form of advanced stain removal and odor neutralization.
  4. Tile And Grout Cleaning.
  5. Upholstery Cleaning; Sofas, Lounge Suites, Arm Chairs, Dining Chairs, Ottomans and more.
  6. Rug Cleaning.

Steam Or Dry Provides A Premium Standard Residential Cleaning Service.

For more information or if you would like to schedule an appointment to have your carpets professionally cleaned, get in touch with Zoran!