Whether you are vacating a rental property or you need your carpets cleaned in your own home we are here for you, surely it is in your best interest to get your carpets cleaned properly. Rest assured that we operate our business with honesty and integrity. Please note that not all residential carpet cleaning Perth operators hold a IICRC accreditation. Before selecting a carpet cleaner in Perth you may want to consider the following!

First and foremost it is strongly recommended that you do not settle for a carpet cleaner purely on the basis how much they charge. Cheapest carpet cleaners are unlikely to deliver the best possible cleaning results that you desire and here is why! A cheap carpet cleaner will unlikely be formally trained or qualified, which often results in poor evaluation as far as how exactly a particular carpet should be cleaned. Essentially those type of carpet cleaners in Perth tend to focus on volume (how many carpet cleaning jobs they can cover a day) and not on the quality of their workmanship. Simply put, the more work such carpet cleaner’s squeeze in a day the more money they earn. This business model does not reflect how Carpet Cleaning Steam or Dry operates.

In addition to the above, you may want to consider asking your potential carpet cleaner the following questions before you make a commitment. First and foremost, establish exactly what you need cleaned before you make a phone call to a carpet cleaner. Establish how many rooms you have and how large the areas are in m2. Also note how many stairs you may have on your stair case. To your best ability establish what sort of spots and stains you may have on your carpet. Ask or clarify the following with your carpet cleaner.

1. Are you an IICRC certified and trained carpet cleaner? If  a carpet cleaner is not certified by the IICRC, it is advisable that you consider an alternative carpet cleaner.

2. What sort of carpet cleaning method or methods do you apply!

3. Do you have a minimum charge and what does your minimum charge cover? Note, in most cases a carpet cleaners minimum fee will cover the cleaning of three average sized bedrooms of around 12m squared.

4. Do you pre-vacuum carpets? note, regardless whether your carpets are going to be steam cleaned or dry cleaned, a professional and certified carpet cleaner should always pre-vacuum carpets. This is a mandatory step in professional carpet cleaning in accordance with Australian Carpet Cleaning Standards.

5. Insist on a cost estimate over the phone.  Also, based on the information that you provided over the phone (exact number of rooms/areas to be cleaned, condition of the carpet, carpet fibre if known), ask whether you should be aware of any additional charges? Note, it is important to establish exactly what you need cleaned before you call a carpet cleaner, that way you are likely to get a fair cost estimate considering what you need cleaned. if you have any questions regarding carpet cleaning, contact us at any time.