To understand what it costs to professionally steam clean carpets in Perth it is vital to read the following. It is a well-known fact that there is a serious price discrepancy when it comes to carpet cleaning and carpet cleaners in Perth. Fact is that vast majority of carpet cleaners in Perth are not trained in any way to clean carpets. Keep in mind that state legislation does not dictate nor is it required  that carpet cleaners are trained or qualified in any way whatsoever. Unlike say an electrician who has to be licensed and formally trained over a period of time. Untrained carpet cleaners often adapt to a ‘one size fits all’ policy when it comes to carpet cleaning with little to no emphasis on consumer needs. Carpet cleaners that are trained and certified by IICRC (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification) have taken the time to educate themselves in order to deliver the best possible carpet cleaning results to potential customers.

With the above said, it is strongly advised that you do not allow a carpet cleaners price to be the deciding factor when selecting a carpet cleaner in Perth, be it for carpet steam cleaning or dry cleaning. Ridiculously cheap carpet cleaning Perth offers are circulating Perth’s suburbs everyday, offers such as “deep steam clean 4 rooms for $60”. If an offer comes across as too good to be true, it just might be too good to be true. Always evaluate your carpet cleaner, ask direct questions that you need answers to, it is strongly recommended that you read the fine print on advertisements (if there is a fine print) in order not to miss hidden charges.

A dedicated, professional carpet cleaning Perth technician takes many factors in consideration in order to price up a carpet cleaning job accordingly:

  • Equipment used for either low moisture cleaning or steam cleaning, eg. The use of a rotary scrubber, portable extraction machine or a truck mounted machine. The cost of running those machines differs greatly. Keep in mind that truck mounted carpet cleaning machine almost always provides better carpet cleaning results as opposed to a portable hot water extraction machine or a scrubber used when dry cleaning.
  • Number and size of rooms, stairs, hallways, common areas that need to be cleaned, etc.
  • Access to premises and degree of difficulty in carrying out a clean. Some carpet cleaners apply a surcharge for cleaning carpets in double story homes or high-rise apartments.
  • Carpet fibre, certain carpet fibres, eg. polypropylene is much easier to clean as opposed to natural fibre.
  • The overall condition of a carpet, the amount of dirt trapped in carpet fibre, spots, stains, general wear and tear of a carpet and so on.

Once the above factors are considered, in order to clean one average sized (12m2) bedroom, a trained and certified carpet cleaner in Perth will charge anywhere between $40.00 and $110.00. Please be aware that this is only an estimate what professional carpet cleaners charge in Perth. In most cases quotes are either provided on a per room or per square meter basis,  it is also important to keep in mind that vast majority of carpet cleaners have a minimum charge/call out fee. A minimum charge or carpet cleaners call out fee usually covers a clean of three average size rooms. If you are in need of further information contact Carpet Cleaning Steam Or Dry today.