Having a clean carpet is something you can take pride in. But sometimes, there will come a situation where you’ll need to clean it. Whether it’s unsightly stains or dirt, the last thing you need is a carpet that is discolored and embarrassing to look at. However, you have two kinds of options in terms of cleaning your carpets: carpet steam cleaning or carpet dry cleaning. Let’s take a look at the advantages and the shortfalls of each of them to determine which option is better for you.


Contrary to what you might have heard, carpet steam cleaning actually works. The steam itself doesn’t clean the carpet. A home or commercial steam cleaning machine will clean the floor with hot water. Also mixed with the hot water is a detergent works to clean out any of the dirt or stains that may have been left on your carpet. The detergent that is used will depend on the carpet that is being cleaned. If it is a synthetic carpet, an alkaline-based detergent will be used. If your carpet is made from wool or natural fibres, an acidic detergent will be used.

One of the main reasons why people choose steam cleaning is based on their concerns regarding the chemicals used in dry cleaning. These concerns are mostly based on the environment and their own health.

While steam cleaning does a good job cleaning out almost everything, one of the major drawbacks is the wait time. If you’re using a home steam cleaning system, expect 12 to 24 hours overall for your carpet to dry. However, if you go through a professional cleaner like Steam Or Dry, the wait times will be a lot less. That’s because our machines are much more powerful than a home steam cleaner.


Believe it or not, carpet dry cleaning is actually a misnomer. We’ll explain in a moment. However, this is done by using dry chemical compounds or solvents. Once you apply these on your carpet, they will break down any dirt that they can find. Professionals use a small amount of moisture from solutions that work with the dry compounds. So technically, this kind of cleaning isn’t actually dry by itself. One of the significant upsides of dry cleaning is that it takes less time to dry compared to steam cleaning.

However, the major downside to dry cleaning is the chemicals that are being used. If you choose to have this done professionally, please ask whatever questions or voice any concerns you may have about our dry cleaning service.

It’s always nice to have a clean carpet. But choosing the right cleaning option can be a challenge. If you live in the Perth area and want your carpets to have that professional clean look, trust the experts at Steam Or Dry. We’ll discuss your carpet cleaning needs, and you can choose which cleaning method is best for you. If any questions or if you need a quote, contact Zoran from Steam Or Dry on 0410 851 589 today.