Encapsulation carpet cleaning is often marketed as low moisture carpet cleaning. The particular cleaning process uses 70% less water than the traditional hot water extraction carpet cleaning method. One important point to note here is that hot water extraction carpet cleaning method is commonly marketed as carpet steam cleaning. Encapsulation carpet cleaning is classed as a low moisture carpet cleaning system and is completely different when compared to the traditional bonnet dry carpet cleaning. Whilst bonnet cleaning method tries to remove soils by transferring them onto a bonnet pad, encapsulation cleaning solution that Steam OR Dry applies encapsulates and crystallizes soils attached to carpet fibres.

So how is the encapsulation cleaning solution applied to an area that requires cleaning? Our portable low moisture machine is quiet and simple to operate, it’s round pad attached to the bottom of the machine massages your carpet in a rotary manner, the encapsulation solution is slowly released into the pad as necessary. The simple yet very effective cleaning process separates, encapsulates and crystallizes dirt and oils from carpet fibre. Once the freshly cleaned area dries, recommended dry vacuuming process picks up the minimal, invisible to eye residue.

Maintaining commercial or residential carpets can be a costly and time consuming commitment if not applied properly. It is strongly advised that an IICRC certified carpet cleaning Perth based business takes care of your carpets. Encapsulation carpet cleaning is an interim process that not only cleans carpets in an efficient manner, it keeps them cleaner for longer. The cutting edge cleaning technology allows commercial facilities to prolong the time between the required restorative steam cleaning process. This of course can vary drastically from one carpet to another as vast majority of commercial carpets are exposed to a large volume of foot traffic. The advantage of Carpet Cleaning Steam Or Dry’s  interim encapsulation cleaning process is that it’s significantly less expensive to perform in terms of labour and chemical costs.

So what are the most important benefits when using the encapsulation carpet cleaning method . Point one, fast drying time, be it residential carpets or commercial carpets. Low moisture encapsulation cleaning method allows a carpet to dry in no more than 60 minutes if applied correctly. This results in less downtime to your business operation. The reduction of drying times can in fact be a huge advantage to both, commercial and domestic customers. In order to speed up the drying process, additional equipment such as air movers is not necessary when low moisture carpet cleaning method is applied. Point two, there is no wicking or fast resoiling of your carpet. With the application of less water, it means no wicking or resoiling. Wicking can occur if carpet stains are treated and incorrectly extracted using the steam cleaning process. Once hot water extraction is applied, residual water evaporates whilst some soil remains deep within carpet fibre. That remaining soil could eventually travel up to the surface of a carpet, thus some stains may reappear. Encapsulation carpet cleaning method completely avoids this common problem by not over saturating the carpet fibres. Point three, improved carpet appearance. Given that encapsulation carpet cleaning is relatively cheaper than steam cleaning, commercial landlords are more inclined to regularly maintain their carpets. Regular encapsulation cleaning of your carpets prevents the build-up of sticky residues that almost certainly attracts more dirt.

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